Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crazy Cupcakes*

 Now that I continue to bake all the time. And I'm not even kidding when I say that. My weekends consist no longer of going out with friends... because I'm in the kitchen. But one of my friends was searching the Internet, and he came across these color burst cupcakes. He was so amazed at them, and he told me that I couldn't do that. Here is proof that I did.
These cupcakes are so much fun. My favorite part had to be mixing the different colors into the bowls of batter. The worst part was the time it took to make one single cupcake! Spoonful of each color, dip finger in water, smooth out batter, another spoonful of a different color, finger in water, and so on. I made these with a cream cheese frosting- because cream cheese is my absolute favorite. And topped them with colorful sprinkles! It's too bad that I didn't have tie-dye cupcake liners :)                                                                                          

Next on the list was chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. Whenever I hear chocolate and peanut butter in the same sentence, I automatically think heaven. As of right now, these cupcakes are my favorite flavor of all I have ever tried. The peanut butter frosting was so light, but had so much flavor.
My mom is really into taking pictures, so as I play around in the kitchen, she thinks she needs to document everything. I personally think the stone behind our counter tops fits the cupcakes very well! I don't know what I'd do without my mother. Thank goodness for moms :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Red Velvet

Break is finally here. Thankfully, this senior year is about to end. I cannot wait to graduate. But I spent the first day of Christmas break baking. It was great. I got a cupcake recipe/decorating cookbook from a teacher I am an aid for in the school, and I love it! So I was inspired to make some cupcakes with cute decorations and I was craving red velvet. And of course cream cheese frosting. So as the base was already red, I decided to make Santa hats. The ones in the pictures aren't that appealing, but I promise they look much better in person! I found out it is much easier to let the frosting sit in the fridge for an hour or so before you start building it up. It won't slide as much if you do that.
As for life..its going. I'm ready for snow to get on the ground. I think if it's this cold...why isn't there snow? Might as well make it pretty if it is going to be miserably cold. And of course I am still waiting for that day when something magical happens. Someone once told me.."surprises keep life exciting." I guess that is true, whatever the situation.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cupcakes = Heaven.

                       Dear Readers, 
I have a new profound love of blogging. I constantly check this dang thing. But on to the most important thing in the world... Cupcakes. I love them. They're the funnest thing a baker could ever create. So many creations and combination and flavors, you could bake for days. When I first started this whole baking obsession, I started with cupcakes, and what better to start with? I had made snickerdoodle with a marshmallow cream cheese frosting, and they were wonderful.  
Next was banana chocolate chip with the same frosting. Did I mention that this frosting was the best I have ever tasted? Probably not the most healthy, but who cares. Aside the cupcake making, I had to make some cookies. And my mother is always so good about making healthy things, so these monster cookies had flax seed, and wheat germ in them. Gross is what you're thinking...but I swear they're good! 

After I found out I was obsessed with fondant, I wanted to make one of those cupcake cake things. So here is my try. It was my friend Lindsey's birthday, and she loves cupcakes. So these things were chocolate with a cookie dough filling. She said they were good, I never got to try! But the frosting is cream cheese...can you tell that I love cream cheese? (By the way, the cupcake cake says Happy B-Day Lindsey, it is backwards because I took the photo off my computer).
Anyways on with the life. I have a research paper that is due tomorrow that is suppose to be five pages long...well mine is eleven. I guess I was just rambling on like I do on these blogs. But my paper was about volunteering, and as you should know, I am in full support of people offering to lend a hand. I love to volunteer. 
For the record, I haven't been up past eleven for like a whole month, and its already eleven right now. Except last night some kid kept me up till two in the morning, and I had to be at church within 7 hours. Thanks Mr. Bear/Bennlie Amara lover :)
I suppose that is all I have to say on an eventful Sunday night. Except that I went to FCA tonight. All you athletes out there...remember to play for God. Not for other people that expect you to do good. I promise you will play one hundred times better. 


Saturday, December 4, 2010


Dear Readers, 
Still not quite so sure of this blogging thing. I've showed my friends, and they are fans of it, but I'm a little uneasy. I want to figure out how to get the background of my blog, just my blog, to be white. But I don't know if I can figure that out!
Anyways, last night my friend Kilah had her 16th birthday. So my sister and I had a few friend over, plus Kilah, to celebrate her birthday. I decided I would bake something so I searched the internet. I found a great recipe for a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. And was good. Very rich, but fantastic. Also on the picture, note the candle says "7"...well that is because that's the only candle that was at my house! But on to making this thing. I made the cheesecake on Wednesday because I had basketball games both Thursday and Friday night. But I always think cheesecake is better when it sits in the fridge for a few days anyways. 
But when I decorated it last night, I made a chocolate ganache for the covering, and cut up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the outer part, and then alternated peanut butter chips and chocolate chips leading to the center. And to top it off, I put the candle in the center. If you're looking for something rich, bake this! But eat in small portions... 
Here is the recipe.

And this is the cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving that I mentioned in my first post ever! 
Here is this recipe. Best recipe ever.

As you can tell from the pictures on my blog vs. the pictures on the websites, I like to decorate my baked goods different! It makes them mine. 


Friday, December 3, 2010

Day One

Dear Readers, 
 As I'm sure you can see, I am very new to this whole blogging thing. I have no idea if anyone will ever read this, or if anyone even cares. But I decided to blog about my love of baking. After watching the movie Julie & Julia, I was inspired. When I bake, I like baking for others, not for myself. And most of the time when I have finished a dessert, I don't even eat it because it is gone so quickly.
A few weeks ago I taught myself how to make fondant. I started as soon as I got home from basketball which was 5 p.m. and got done at midnight...but it was so worth it! My very first decorative cake was a success. Hopefully if I figure out this whole blog thing, I can post pictures. 
So next on my list was cheesecake. My all time favorite dessert. Before this whole expedition, I had made Oreo cupcake cheesecakes for my guy friend Gus. I put the whole Oreo on the bottom of the liner, and then filled it to the top with the cheesecake Oreo filling. They were delicious. 
Next was Thanksgiving, and my moms side of the family all comes over to my house so there is a TON of food. Because my mom knows of my new found love of baking, I was the baker. I made a double layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and then cream cheese fondant. Next on the list was a turtle cheesecake. And oh my was the best thing I have ever tasted. Layers of chocolate and regular cheesecake with a caramel chocolate drizzle topping and sprinkled pecans and chocolate chips. My aunt (who is the ultimate baker) said that it was the best cheesecake she had ever tasted. Surprisingly the recipe called for lime, and I was very uneasy about adding it, but I guess it did the trick!
Well that is all I have for now. Hopefully I didn't put you to sleep!


p.s.- I have a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake in the fridge as I type!