Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cupcakes = Heaven.

                       Dear Readers, 
I have a new profound love of blogging. I constantly check this dang thing. But on to the most important thing in the world... Cupcakes. I love them. They're the funnest thing a baker could ever create. So many creations and combination and flavors, you could bake for days. When I first started this whole baking obsession, I started with cupcakes, and what better to start with? I had made snickerdoodle with a marshmallow cream cheese frosting, and they were wonderful.  
Next was banana chocolate chip with the same frosting. Did I mention that this frosting was the best I have ever tasted? Probably not the most healthy, but who cares. Aside the cupcake making, I had to make some cookies. And my mother is always so good about making healthy things, so these monster cookies had flax seed, and wheat germ in them. Gross is what you're thinking...but I swear they're good! 

After I found out I was obsessed with fondant, I wanted to make one of those cupcake cake things. So here is my try. It was my friend Lindsey's birthday, and she loves cupcakes. So these things were chocolate with a cookie dough filling. She said they were good, I never got to try! But the frosting is cream cheese...can you tell that I love cream cheese? (By the way, the cupcake cake says Happy B-Day Lindsey, it is backwards because I took the photo off my computer).
Anyways on with the life. I have a research paper that is due tomorrow that is suppose to be five pages long...well mine is eleven. I guess I was just rambling on like I do on these blogs. But my paper was about volunteering, and as you should know, I am in full support of people offering to lend a hand. I love to volunteer. 
For the record, I haven't been up past eleven for like a whole month, and its already eleven right now. Except last night some kid kept me up till two in the morning, and I had to be at church within 7 hours. Thanks Mr. Bear/Bennlie Amara lover :)
I suppose that is all I have to say on an eventful Sunday night. Except that I went to FCA tonight. All you athletes out there...remember to play for God. Not for other people that expect you to do good. I promise you will play one hundred times better. 


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